Friday, June 23, 2006

Gone Connie Chung

Video clip of Connie Chung’s “singing” during the final episode of Maury and Connie has been making rounds on various websites as well as on several television shows.

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How do I feel about Connie Chung?

First of all, I am all for Chinese people get more exposure in American media. Having said that, I consider Connie Chung as an embarrassment.

I often think of her as the equivalent of an ass zit. It is uncomfortable until it has been popped, even with that, the puss is smeared everywhere and contaminating everything it touches.

As a journalist, she is absolutely terrible. Many stories and interviews she has done during her career were just plain fluff. I would have compared her to journalism as fluffers to the porno business, but I felt that was disrespectful to the fluffers.

Who could ever forget her tricking Newt Gingrich’s mother to confess about what her son thought about Hillary Clinton? She told Kathleen Gingrich to “just whisper it in my ear” and “it would be off the record”, and then later aired the so-called “off record” portion of the interview.

Later she would face more flack from the public when she asked an Oklahoma City official, “Can you people in Oklahoma handle something this big and disastrous?” on the wake of 1995 bombing.

In her June 17th performance, while wearing a white dress and lounging on top of a piano (why was the pianist there, especially when he did not play a single note?), she sang:
“Thanks for the memories,
we came to do a show,
with very little dough.
By little, I mean I can make more
working on the skid row…”
Who are you kidding, Connie Chung? And I want my refund.


  1. I saw that clip on the Daily Show. I assumed it was an unedited version and the aired one would have piano music edited in, and her voice would be altered so it would be almost pleasant to listen to. I guess it wasn't?

  2. I don't understand why she'd perform that terrible song with that terrible singing... did she think it would be a good idea? OR was it supposed to be edited in post-production?