Monday, May 29, 2006

HOWTO Clean LG VX5200

Verizon LG VX5200
larger view

I had this LG VX5200 mobile phone from Verizon since last November. Recently started to notice there are dust particles collected underneath its external display. There is a speaker vent on the top side, which is where dust particles enter the phone through.

I have tried using compressed air spray, similar to the ones used for cleaning computer keyboards, but without any success. Since there are no visible marks where screws are inserted, I don’t know how to get it open.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how I can clean my mobile phone?


  1. That is the exact same model I have, but I haven't had the same problem you're experiencing. Have you tried taking it to a Verizon dealer?

  2. Immerse it in low-dielectric solvent (i.e., hexanes) and dry under high vacuum. I have actually used this.

  3. Open the phone and on the inside around the display screen should be some rubber bumbers. See if you can pry these rubber pieces out. There should be screws underneath. This should allow the face of the phone to come apart.