Sunday, April 23, 2006

Pickpockets in Liuzhou, China

video: windows media 3.46 MB

Last week on Chinese Central Television (CCTV), there was a news clip about pickpockets in Liuzhou.

Thieves were using long metallic tweezers to pick unsuspecting civilians’ pockets at street markets. Various items including cash and mobile phones were stolen. Thanks to footages from security cameras, all twelve suspects were apprehended.

Too bad the newscast did not air their execution by firing squads. That part would be aired in the pay-per-view version.


  1. When I was in Xinjiang, my friend got pickpocketed in Urumqi. He felt it and spun around and started making aggressive movements.

    The pickpocket just made a 'what-me-worry?' look, and my friend lost his rage.

    Someone behind him tried to steal the same package of cigarettes, and he spun around again.

    Same look, same reaction.

    Lesson? What, me worry?

  2. Did they really get executed??

  3. Had the same happen to me in Shenzhen, but felt his tweezers in my pocket, tried to grab a hold of his arm and spin around, but only got those tweezers.
    He started shouting 'No, no, no' and ran away so quickly I couldn't follow him and beat the f*cking sh*t out of him.
    Such a dumb shit