Thursday, April 27, 2006

James Blunt Parodies

British singer and song writer James Blunt is getting some flacks lately. Following his single “You’re Beautiful” success in 2005, critics have labeled Blunt as "music for bored housewives".


Several British comedians have also released parody music videos to illustrate Blunt’s uninventive lyrics and lackluster use of simplistic emotional messages without any real meaning behind them in his songs.

I recently found two of the parody videos on the internet.

videos: Windows media 8.26 MB or YouTube

In “Bloody Cold”, the tongue-n-cheek lyric took jabs at Blunt’s military career, rejection from other musicians, and Cockney rhyming slang meaning of the name “James Blunt” as "James Cucking Funt".

videos: Windows media 11.7 MB or YouTube

“Emotional Douchebag” has changed Blunt’s lyric to make fun of today’s “MySpace generation”.

Both parody films were well done and hopefully you will be laughing along with them.

Update: May 5, 2006 - US comedy television show MADTV has released its own version of James Blunt parody.

videos: Windows media 9.04 MB or YouTube


  1. Ahh, makes me proud to be British.

    Which almost - but not quite - cancels out the shame of being the nation that spawned James Blunt in the first place :-(

  2. ah, well, i guess that makes me a bored housewife. i love the guy. but i recognize that his emotional nudity isn't going to be appreciated by most of the "guys" out there.

  3. So signing "you're beautiful" 10 million times is emotional nudity? I hope that was sarcasm.

    Although I admit I like the song on 1st listen. It's just one of those songs to enjoy in passing and then forget.

  4. here's another James Blunt parody by Mad TV:

  5. Don't forget Weird Al's parody, "You're Pitiful."