Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Gospe Rats

What do you call a Japanese five member group plays Motownish music with black makeup on their faces (not the most political correct band comparing with American standard)?

Gospe Rats

Why Gospe Rats? The answer is simple:

Three members were from another band called "Rats and Star" and the two other were from "Gospellers".

My personal favorite is their single "Midnight Choo Choo Train". I was then later corrected by an anonymous commenter that its title is "Hurricane".
(Quicktime video 6.81 MB or mirror at Metacafe)

anokosayisuno midnight choo choo train

Yeah, sing it Gospe Rats!


  1. All five were not in Rats and Star, only three of them. The other two are from the Gospellers, hence Gospe Rats.

    Oh, and the song is called Hurricane.

  2. hmm..reminds me of the way white people used to cover themselves in dark makeup to play the part of Black Americans. Even though I doubt these guys are trying to be racist in any way, I'm surprised Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson haven't been screaming bloody murder or trying to blackmail "donations" out of them.

  3. I like the annoucer asking the audience to give it up for his "Tokyo Homies". As if the black face wasn't bad enough, that really puts it over the top.

  4. It just makes it worse that they don't bother to blacken their necks. If they did, then I'd think they were trying to look like an American doo wop group. But only doing their faces makes them a minstrel show. That and the white gloves, of course.

  5. Funny... They probably have no idea that this could be considered racist anyway.

    By the way... the lyric is "ano ko sagasu no sa"

    (I'm gonna search for that girl)