Monday, March 13, 2006

Adidas Yellow Series

Adidas is (or has) releasing a new line of sneakers called the "Yellow Series".

I am sure one particular model of sneakers will have the Asian community up in arms.

Notice the buck-toothed bowlcut slanty eyed face on the shoe's tongue? And it says "Fong" on the back...

Apparently Adidas did not learn anything from Nike's "Air Allah" incident.

Update: This shoe was designed by Barry McGee, whose is half Asian. McGee is a painter and graffiti artist. Unless you have read Giant Robot or associated with the underground arts scene, you probably don't who he is. The image on the sneaker is from his book cover.

Update: April 10, 2006 - BBC News
Produced in a limited run of 1,000 pairs, the Adidas "Yellow Series Y1 Huf" shoe retails at $250 (£143). Huf owner Keith Hufnagel dismissed the accusations of racism as "internet garbage".


  1. Wow... that's just pathetic.

  2. Mon Dieu!

    How did that get brought up in marketing?!?

  3. i want some of the stuff that thire marketing guys are smokking.

  4. Tian
    We are discussing this over at too. linked to your site. thanks. danny

  5. Barry McGee is a friend of mine, and that image is obviously a response to racism, and not racism itself. However, it is still probably bad taste for Adidas to make that shoe.

  6. It seems Mcgees white half is taking over him. Selling out and making fun of asians. How is this battling racism? "YEAH EVERYONE, TAKE THAT! ALL ASIANS LOOK LIKE MY SHOE!!" I just dont get it.

  7. This is wrong on so many levels!
    What the hell was this guy thinking?

  8. aww man and Adiddas makes so much tae kwon do gear why would they resort to this? Man I'll never wear addidas do-buks(uniforms) again :[

  9. And to think about its marketability : who EXACTLY are they targeting with these limited shoes? 1000 racists???