Friday, February 24, 2006

Ha Ha Ha America

Ha Ha Ha America is a short film made by Jon Daniel Ligon in 2005 and it was shown at 2006 Sundance Film Festival.

The description of this film says “a translated harangue from China to the U. S. A. that laughs at Americans’ missteps.”


  1. This is a brilliant film which, with ease, conveys the quantum disparity between America's view of itself vs. the reality of its rapidly declining global economic standing compared to China's.

    For 5 years, American citizens who opposed this "Hillbilly" President Bush, and his lies, his fear-mongering, and the Cheney-Bush policy of protecting the conglomerate at the expense of Americansm have been unable to convey to "Bush-loving Americans" the huge economic losses America has suffered while under the delusion that the Hillbilly President is dedicated to American National Security and that his pre-emptive war "doctrine" has lead to a vindication for the events of 9/11/01 .

    What we progressives in the USA have been unable to communicate, this short film achieves with inescapable power and clarity. The sad thing is, if you present this film to Bush-Americans, they will focus on being offended and wanting retribution -- vs really tuning into the crystal clear message: YOU ARE ALL DUMBSHITS addicted to Fox TV and Wendy's Hamburgers while China kicks our friggin American asses economically.

    I think that given the past 50 years or more of American arrogant nationalist sentiment that "we are the greatest; no one comes close", it is only right that the author of this potent little film revels in the massive strides taken by his country while America harkens back to the days when we were kings.

    I think it will be 8-10 years more before Bush-Americans know what hit them. They were too busy waving their flags and blindly supporting a serial liar to pay attention to what was happening so blatantly right in front of their very noses.

    Cheney will probably escape any meaningful consequences -- and all the gang that got enriched at the expense of America's collapsed economy will have their huge nest eggs to make life pleasant while the America they care not an ounce for other than a money tranfer mechanism continues its inevitable path of erosion.

    RH for Dean
    San Francisco, CA USA

  2. Great film, except for the fact that it is illogical and the points are incorrect.

    A few blatant errors
    1 - Population of a city does not equal economical greatness. The very idea is absurd.

    2 - The economy nor number of jobs has not been suffering since Bush has been in office. This is a myth Liberals tell each other to feel happy.

    China may be doing well, but I'd like to see it invent a new economy. I’d like to see it invent:
    -The personal Computer
    -Space travel
    -On-line commerce
    -Service Industry

    We invent new economies, and then China copies them while we move on to the next one.

    But what do I know? I am just a "stupid Hillbilly" (Ha ha ha)

  3. And how many of these "American invented economies" are actually invented by employees whom are expat Chinese?

    Keep in mind, American is like an opportunity sponge. The brightest people from all over the world come here to seek opportunity. That only means American is a test ground, an incubator. When the idea is mature, it moves else where.

    Remember what happened to American auto industry? It is true that American started the auto industry, but currently the Japanese are in the lead.

    So holding onto your old glory is like keep sucking your mother's tits when you are 37, overweight, bald, alone, masturbates to Japanese Hentai anime.

  4. As for the blazing Chinese economy and all that, I used to think China would be an economic powerhouse - until I started living here. Now, I realize that China has the potential to be a pretty powerful nation, but they have a long way to go. Regularly serviced indoor plumbing and piping would be a start. Traffic laws of any form might also be a bonus, seeing as how pedestrians nonchalantly walk across highways and car drivers seem to consider use of items like brakes and turn signals 'optional.' Recycling/conservation of any form whatsoever, especially since they just tend to throw crap they don't need anywhere or demolish an old building and just cart the rubble away - in actual hand carts (then again, there's still a pile of trash sitting outside my apt building from a room 'reform' [renovation], oh, about 4 months ago...). Quality assurance - any Chinese store selling electrical goods will always have the salesperson show you that the actual device in question - yes, they take it out of the box right in front of you - works. Yep. Infrastructure investment - imagine approaching a large bank with a beautiful granite exterior, tinted and beveled glass windows, nicely laid brick - and a hand-printed sign saying that the revolving door is out of order, with yellowed duct tape all around indicating that the repairman's not gonna be right over.

    I think you get the point.

    And I think I forgot to mention that this took so long since my ADSL, the fastest available anywhere in Tianjin, is a whopping 4MB....