Saturday, November 19, 2005

Anime Dorks 2005

Todd Roy of returns to FanimeCon 2005 in San Jose, CA to revisit some of the old dorks that he met last year and meet some new dorks.

Part 1:

Part 2:


  1. I'm an anime fan, and even I found that to be very sad. I'm glad I've stuck to the "I will never go to an anime con" promise I made to myself almost a decade ago, when I was first getting into it. Some anime fans...just get TOO into it. Anime and real life just weren't meant to mix. Ever. I love anime, but...there is such a thing as too much love.

  2. Excellent. Take the costumers in their most dorkiest moments and broadcast it to the internet. Classic entertianment. Kwoon rocks!

  3. Freaky. I'm not into any of this stuff, but it might be fun to make up a costume run around trying to pick up confused chicks. Nabisco FTW

  4. I do own quite a few animes, I must admit. I really enjoy them. You know? I don't dress up like an anime character, nor have I ever been to a convention. I am not overweight, I don't have a speech impediment, and I don't live with my parents. I always joked around and called myself a "nerd" but maybe I was wrong. After watching these videos, I literally have nothing in common with those people.

    And to be honest, I had no idea what the hell any of them were talking about half of the time. I think if I ever went to one of those conventions I would feel out of place, and all the nerds would turn on me and make fun of the fact that I don't have acne.

    Aside from anime, I do read comic books (really all I read are comics written by Neil Gaiman). And to even VISIT the comic book store is torture. The employees at the store are extremely nerdy, elitist, and just plain obnoxious. They scoff at whatever it is I bring to the counter. It's like I'm not "cool" enough to be a total loser. (Wow, that is fine with me. haha)

    However, do let me at least say this on behalf of the dorks: it's better than doing drugs. At least, that's what I can see. I doubt that most of these kids are up to no good, so in a way it's allowing them to express their angsty retardation in a different way.

    However, I'm not exactly sure if these teens are entirely "healthy." I work with children who have developmental disabilities ranging from being socially handicapped to physically/mentally handicapped, and all I have to say is that some of these anime nerds share almost the exact same characteristics as a group of autistic children.

  5. i'm going to have nightmares about scary geeks

  6. hahahaha funniest shit i've ever seen, so many idiots out there, they are really good for a laugh, honestly, loss of intelligence and loss of reality in real life.

  7. sweet that's funny stuff.

    the sad this is i know what they're talking about. ALL OF IT.


    some people should never, ever putting on a costume. And others should just never, ever speak. ever.

  8. .......*snicker*

    that was hilarious. i always new cosplays were absolutely retarded. some are good, some are bad. but mostly bad, though.

    but this just took the word 'dork' to a new level. one that should be hit with a giant stink bomb.

    seriously. i've never met anybody so obnoxiously stupid. "i have the power of taijutsu!!!"

    i have the power of blowing people's minds apart, if you ask me.

  9. ....I think I recognized one of them from my high school. I also think I might need brain bleach now.

  10. The geek in the Gai costume from Naruto is really getting on my nerves.