Thursday, September 8, 2005

Go F_ck Your Self, Mr. Cheney


To continue today's "Go F_ck yourself" theme, I would like to present this video clip via MSNBC.

Vice President Dick Cheney, in Gulfport, Mississippi on a tour of the Katrina hurricane zone, was told to "go fuck yourself" twice on live television.

During a discussion on hurricane relief efforts, an off camera protester shouts, "Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney. Go fuck yourself." The camera remains on Cheney while we hear scuffling in the background.

Cheney continues speaking.

CNN's reporter asks Cheney, "Are you getting a lot of that Mr. Vice President?"Cheney replies, "First time I've heard it., Must be a friend of John..., er, ah - never mind." Laughter ensues from the VP and reporters.

Directly aftward, Cheney continues an ongoing monologue on what to do about hurricane debris: "But it's a question about what you do with the debris in terms of your toxic waste problem you've got to worry about in terms of where you're going to put it..."

Update: Cheney’s heckler is Dr. Ben Marble. He is using an eBay account to tell and sell his story.


  1. Got to hand it to cheney, only the beast can turn a desperate syrvivors anger into a joke about last years losng peredentail candidate.

    Maybe one of the rape victims at the superdomes anger or the weeping of a grieving mother can be a jumping board for a Shehaan joke.

    Lets wait and watch Cheney's hilaroius shenanegins unfold!

  2. he was too busy trying to hide the boner he had going on at the sight of all of that haliburton work--i mean, the sight of all of that devastation.
    the pig.

  3. With so much debris floating around why didn't anyone throw some rotten stuff at him? Out of respect maybe?

  4. Is there anyway you could post this as an MP3?

  5. Maybe we should start a new movement - Friends of John. People who are willing to speak the truth, and speak it plainly. I think anyone who reads these will know who I mean just as they did from 'Mr. Cheney's" comment.

  6. ...friend of John WHO???

  7. Good for the guy who told Cheney what to do! I would let the word go out from sea to shining sea that all the Bush idiotstration should do the same.

  8. So...what happened to the guy who told this pompous dick to service himself? There was scuffling and then silence. Must be the martial law in effect, or was it the SS (secret service). Incompetent posers and thieves is too nice a description for these sociopaths. God, Please help us remove these monsters from public service.

  9. I'm sorry, but God didn't give a crap about you guys the last 2 elections, why would he start caring about liberals now.

  10. hey libs, you lost the last election btw, stop acting like you forgot that

  11. liberals are gay. Dick Cheney rocks. Death to commie socialists! CAPITALISM all the WAY! liberals suck.

  12. When the liberals and their media army, fails to even acknowledge the complete and utter failure of the city and state govts; the days ahead and following the hurricane and surge, they simply become as more irrelevant.

  13. Ahhh the myth of the liberal media, will it never die?

    ClearChannel owns a vast majority of all media outlets of all types in the United States. Those outlets all have to tow the Republican Party line or their personalities find themselves quickly unemployed.

    Hurricane Katrina is the worst disaster to happen in our generation (and considering what happened 4 years ago today, thats a hell of a statement) and it has taken something this huge to snap the media out of its corporate-induced censorship of the vast incompetence of the current government.

    This disaster is bigger than 911, and instead of saving Bush's incompetent ass it will destroy him.

    To quote Jon Stewart: "Those who don't want to play the blame game, and usually THE ONES TO BLAME."

  14. From what I heard the Secret Service grabbed the guy by the neck and gave him a good beating.

    Typical liberal... he deserved it.

  15. Anyone who would speak that way to the Vice President regardless of the party the Vice President at the time, is a complete idiot.

    Such individuals think they are being cool or whatever, in truth they exhibit a level of immaturity that is astounding.

  16. It was Cheney who told a senator t go fuck himself on the floor of the senate. Do you neo-cons have no long term memory? Of course not, that why you vote for these guys.

  17. I am curious why some of the comments left here automatically assumed Cheney's heckler to be a "liberal".

    Do all the "conservatives" love Cheney 100%?

    Why couldn't the heckler to be a "conservative" until he realized how poorly the Administration has responded to this disaster?

  18. My buddy from Boulder thinks you are all wrong and the leftist press has got the wrong culprit.

    The Mayor and Gov should be brought up on charges.

  19. I'm a conservative, but I am no Republican. This Dick give real conservatives a bad name.

  20. the guy that told cheney to service himself is a former bush voter who found out the hard way that bush and his ilk don't give a fuck about him.
    i wish all of you oxycontin-chompin' neo-cons would get a dictionary and learn what a 'liberal' is.
    and by the way, there is NO "liberal media" jackasses.

  21. Hello from Laurel Mississippi .
    We are slowly getting our power restored .
    Hard to believe we still have peeps w/o power ,water, pjhones,food in some cases .
    Roofs with 100 year old oaks on top of them .
    City will NOT go on private property to help even the elderly .
    FEMA ? Utter confusion .
    Aide ? Wat in this God awful heat with others from all over the south drinking hot bottled water for no help .
    Elderly and sick should at least be let inside the A/C 'd Magnolia Center . Peace 2 U & URS .

  22. i work for a news company and they are all liberal. althought that is just one company in the LV but most of the people i have met at conventions, etc., are bleeding heart liberals.

  23. Care to name some station names, or you are just making things up and hope no one will call your bluff?

  24. If you think the press is leftist, think again. Who do you think controls the press? Nothing other than the FCC, which has always been controlled by the federal government considering that it is the Federal Communications Commission. How do you think corporations get fined left and right $25,000.00 a pop just whenever there is dead air on the television or radio for more than 3 seconds? I should know, I work in entertainment.

  25. You left-winged liberal monkeys should all quit your bitching. The difference between a liberal (like the idiot that told Cheney to "F" himself) and a Republican, is that the liberals all sit around talking about how we SHOULD help people, and the Republicans just do it. A fine example of this is the city and state officials of New Orleans and Louisiana. You lost, Kerry isn't coming back, Hillary won't make a dent, and Billy (Clinton) was only in office to make sure that the moral decay of America stayed on track. May God have mercy on your souls.

  26. Perhaps the Bush Admin would stop wasting money on fighting a war that may or may not ever win in Iraq and use that money to focus on domestic issues, ie. maintainance of water levees.

    What do you think that make the levees fail? It was because LA's state funding for levees maintainance was cut in order to support their national guards to be in Iraq.

    Now Saddam is caught, but the guy who was originally responsible for 9-11, where is he? Where is Bin Laden?

    You don't hear Bush Admin talk about him anymore.

    U.S. has lost over 5000+ lives (2000 soldiers in Iraq and 3000+ people in the Twin Towers), Bin Laden has yet been caught.

    Will U.S. ever find Bin Laden? That is questionable. It is also questionable that if George W. Bush ever cared about catching him at the first place.

  27. It really just baffles me that this guy is getting hit hard with the liberal label. I'm not a liberal and I would tell Cheney to fuck himself just the same.

    See, you're too preoccupied with accusing each other of being liberals or conservatives. Of course the outside world doesn't work in black and white but I guess pairing everyone in the country down to one of two "main" political labels just makes it easier for you to close off any thought from outside of this little box and bask in your own bigotry. It's just fucking lazy.

  28. I don't care what you are, but if you are a conservative talking about other human beings as if you care, then you are making an oxymoronic statement, because you could car less about what happens to anybody unless if affects your wallet.
    And as far as Dick goes, I wish him all the best San Quentin can offer like a big man loving cell mate so he can feel what it is like to get fucked like the rest of us cannon fodder.