Friday, July 15, 2005

No Longer Subscribe To PC Magazine

I used to have a subscription to PC Magazine, but not any more. There are several reasons that made me decide not to renew the subscription after it has expired.

For one, I really don’t like ads in magazines. If you ever read through a copy of PC Magazine, then you would know why. I understand a major portion of magazine’s revenue is from advertisement space. To me, since I am already a subscriber to the magazine, there is no need to shove more junk down my eyes. I am actually willing to pay more if a magazine that would promise to only place ads in the ones is for sale at newsstands. I also don’t like the post cards they place between pages. Every time I get my mail, the first thing I do is to shake all the magazines and made sure every single one of those cards is in the trash bin.

Secondly, many of articles in the magazine seem to be written for the less experienced computer users. Sometimes I have noticed articles have been reprinted from previous issues with some small changes. Perhaps those articles are for the senile crowd that needs to be retold over and over again.

Last but not the least; the magazine’s content has been deteriorating over the years. I just found out today that one of my entries from mid May was featured in PC Magazine’s website. I can understand some news may travel slow, but after almost two months later?!


  1. Yeah I've noticed that before too. PC Mag's content is turning to crap.

  2. i have to agree with you on this. over the years, pc magazine has been getting thinner and thinner. postcards flying out everytime i read them. they've lost me as a reader long time ago.

  3. I no longer subscribe either, it's a totally different magazine now with content that isn't relevant to me.

  4. Actually, since they published your article, the thrill is GONE! Now you're a writer so why be a reader of PC mag.
    Psychologically, you've had completion with them as been there done that. They may also be politically correct which is WRONG,WRONG,WRONG!Comments?acct10132002 at the old yahoo.