Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Barbie's Birthing Story

I have always thought Barbies were made by injection-molding thermosetting polymer into molds at some Chinese toy factory. Obviously I have got it all wrong.


  1. wow, barbie is scary enough as it is! multiplying barbies are even scarier!? I always preferred GI Joes :) my bro mutilated and burned my barbies when I was 5, I guess he didn't like them either ;)

  2. Whao!
    As usual I am rather flabagasted by what I see or read on your site/ sorry blogg
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  3. Talk about a puppy mill. My kids have 10 of those things. Poor girl.

  4. That is definitely one of the more disgusting (yet, original) things I've seen on line in quite some time. Somehow I get the feeling that it'd make a great abstinence/safe-sex education tool.

  5. Omg! Lmfao! I was looking about the history of barbie for my website and just happened to come across this....TFF!