Sunday, February 13, 2005

How To Use Squatting Toilet

Thanks to Jan and his wacky Japanese signs collection.


  1. Haha.. Ok. I have to admit, I do not know how to use this type of squatting toilet.

    Some background facts on me :

    I am Chinese, Singaporean.
    Squatting toilets in Singapore and Malaysia are different from squatting toilets in Taiwan (and from your photo, Japan).

    Ours are flat, and do NOT have the sem-circular cover on one end like the photo.

    Our way of using it is. The ass is above the "water".

    In your diagram, I am assuming the water is under the "cover" and thus, it is the other way round.

    First time I used such toilet it Taiwan, I almost had my d**k and balls crushed...

    Ok, don't laugh !!!!


  2. Squat toilets are much healthier than sitting toilets. Squatters don't get colon cancer, hemorrhoids, and many other colon and pelvic diseases. See
    for a lot more about this.

    ~ Jonathan