Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Notorious MSG Story - Hot In The Kitchen

The original Chinatown bad boys, Notorious MSG, has a documentry track on their CD called "Hot In The Kitchen":

"We got to keep it real. Coming from the streets of Chinatown, we got to represent. Yes, we got represent our ghetto, our part of the 'hood. You hear about the Oaktown, you hear about the Bronx, your hear about the Bucktown, the OC... We are here to show you the Eastside of Chinatown, bitch. Welcome to the jungle, muthersucker..."

hotinthekitchen.avi (21 MB Divx avi)


  1. Just gimme duck sauce and a bowl of chicken feet!

    Hong Kong

  2. why i dun beleef sound so gewd , wah hai !!! wow that song went out fo all the seck see gurl going out all ova da world..