Wednesday, November 10, 2004

"Submission" by Theo Van Gogh

Theo van Gogh (July 23, 1957–November 2, 2004) was a controversial Dutch film director, television producer, publicist and actor. A descendant of the brother of the famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh, he was murdered by a Muslim assassin apparently angered by van Gogh's work and criticism of Islam.

video: submission (via


  1. It seems all hell has broken loose over there in the Netherlands following this. Mosques and churches set on fire. The sh*t's hit the fan.

    - Chad

  2. It's sad the guy was killed by that Muslim assassin (man, those assassins are everywhere), but watching the video, it does seem like pretty heavy handed demonization of Islam to me...

    EG, I wonder how many people, after watching the video, now believe that Islam allows a man's brother to rape his wife? And that weekly beatings are a standard practice by Muslims just because they happen to be Muslims?


  3. Actually, It does occur, and alot worse. Islamic countries are riddled with this kind of treatment. Dont be an ignorant "politcally correct" person, learn the truth. There is Ugly in this world. It is Islam.

  4. It was indeed an extreme reaction, and should not have happened, no matter how sensationalist and inaccurate the work. Even so, I disagree with the film and with the comments of "Anonymous" just above me (who couldn't bother to place his or her name along with their enlightened commment), that this a part of Islam. Do such things happen in "Islamic" countries? Sadly, they do. Are they PART of Islam? No. For "Anon" I recommend or other progressive muslim websites, before you take on the "Islam is the Devil's own" mindset that I've been seeing often.

    Adnan Yazdani

  5. My deepest felt sympathy to Theo and his family.

    To all the critics of the critics.

    May be this is rough on Islam I do not know or care.

    If TVG and Hirshi wanted to draw attention to a problem in the practice of some muslims, they are in their full right to do so. That is nobodys business. If it affronts your faith, so what. Deal with it, convince us that this does not take place, let debate what is acceptable in Europe.

    But no, the ansver was a killing, with little condemnation from leading muslims, at least here in Denmark.

    In at way it is symptomatic, we may not critize certain practices amongst muslims, but muslims, at least in their mind, have every right to demand respect and consession to their ways. I really hope that this has opened the eyes of muslims in Europe, change and adapt your faith to Europe or I am afraid that more violence will happen from both sides, this was not the aim of TVG, his aim was to kickstart a debate, I'm sure.

    Lets go down the road of debate, and find solutions, not violence

    Poul Larsen, Denmark

  6. Submission was just an attempt to show that Islam is violence-toleratn religion, if there is some cases of violence within the muslim community this DOESN´T imply that islam is responsible for that, Violence can be found everywhere, in the christian, jewish and all kind of communities .

    TVG just tried to humiliate the noble Quran and Islam nothing more.

    to prove what he wanted to show, he should have come up with many muslim women with their real identity to talk about their problems, NOT by showing some masked women who aren´t even muslims.

    It can be clearly seen that Islam is the target of all kind of violence.

    May god show us the right way.