Thursday, October 21, 2004

Ben Affleck, the Gay Hairstylist?

In the November 2004 issue of Details magazine, it featured Ben "Please Get Me Some Acting Class" Affleck on the cover. What was hilarious about this issue was not the fact they have picked Affleck to be on the cover, but the mismatch between the cover and the last page, Details' Anthropology section.

For those who aren't familiar with Details' magazine, in every its issue since August of 2003, the feature theme is "Gay or ..."; which points out the similarities between homosexuals and everyday people.

"Gay or Hairstylist" was in this issue. But I have noticed something interesting details between the cover Affleck and the gay hairstylist:

1. Faux-hawk Haircut

2. Waxed Eyebrows

3. Lip Gloss

4. Dark Blazer

5. White Shirt

6. Bronzer

7. Stiff Jeans

8. Motorcycle Boots

More photos:



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  1. Ben Affleck isnt gay... i hope! well now hes married n is a dad 2 be! thats pretty fun but i definatley dont think hes gay. well i say that coz im like obsessed with him but...nah hes not gay! only he can confirm that! oh n it was his birthday on the 15th!

  2. Ben Affleck it's not gay,no, he is a wonderfull and sexy men!

  3. I looked on the article about Gay or British;

    Major offended! I'm english (Britain isnt a country for gods sake, get it right americans!) and I have NEVER seen anybody dress or look like that!

    Ouch! That is harsh; especially when its not even right